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Compatible profile types for - Engineering - General

Driver Administrator (DA)
Driver Administrators are assertive people who are also perfectionists when it comes to obtaining a solution. They are creative people who need sufficient information and clearly defined tasks. They can lead a team to achieve clearly defined objectives. They seek an organized, creative, and challenging environment where they have a certain amount of autonomy to investigate and perform independent assignments and research. They are best suited for jobs of a research and development nature where the emphasis is on perfection rather than commercial success.

Driver Supporter (DS)
Driver Supporters are direct, results-oriented hard working individuals who can also be described as opinionated, determined, persistent, thorough, independent and dependable. These calm and loyal people may prefer to work alone and are intolerant of poor performers. They seek a well-organized, creative, and challenging environment with flexible structure where they can perform independent assignments and research. These hard working people are best suited for jobs with continual challenges but must also be allowed to complete a task to its final conclusion.

Driver Supporter Administrator (DSA)
Driver Supporter Administrators are organized, forceful and assertive people who can be described as inquisitive, systematic, logical, dependable and independent. They are driven to succeed, and at all times strive for correctness. They seek opportunities to accurately complete tasks in a structured working environment where they have freedom to act independently without waiting for approval. They are best suited for jobs where they can work independently or as part of the team and where they can assess data before embarking on the task.

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