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Compatible profile types for - Human Resources

Driver Supporter Administrator (DSA)
Driver Supporter Administrators are organized, forceful and assertive people who can be described as inquisitive, systematic, logical, dependable and independent. They are driven to succeed, and at all times strive for correctness. They seek opportunities to accurately complete tasks in a structured working environment where they have freedom to act independently without waiting for approval. They are best suited for jobs where they can work independently or as part of the team and where they can assess data before embarking on the task.

Promoter (P)
Promoters are independent and outgoing individuals who like to socialize and meet people. They are enthusiastic and optimistic and can also be described as active, verbal, friendly, communicative, self-promoting and eager. They seek a dynamic and flexible structure where creativity, variety and risk taking are accepted without routine work. They also seek a friendly working environment where they can be listened to, gain popularity and be able to put across ideas. They are best suited for jobs where contacts with people are required either individually or with a group without close supervision

Promoter Supporter (PS)
Promoter Supporters are confident and friendly people constantly using persuasion skills to gain the agreement and respect of others. They are dependable and good communicators and work well with other members of the team. They can be described as persistent, relaxed, peaceful, accommodating, sincere, sympathetic, kind and helpful. They like to work in a group and are good listeners. They are best suited for jobs where listening and problem solving skills are required.

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