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Motivate and inspire achievement

When people are motivated they produce their best results. When they feel inspired to live up to their full potential, they excel.

Imagine an enterprise where everyone performs at their highest level. People who are motivated demonstrate positive personal qualities that make them feel good about themselves. They have meaning and purpose to their work and personal life.

Mycoach is an online behavioural assessment tool used by independent professionals and international corporations to improve relationships, communication and motivation. Mycoach reports deliver key information about a person’s behavioural style, making your task of coaching or managing them much easier.

Mycoach - a Manager’s Toolkit

An employee may join your company because of generous benefits or your reputation, but it is their relationship with their manager that determines how long they stay.

Managers play a significant role in influencing the employee’s commitment level and retention. People are not electric clocks; you can’t just set them and forget them.

Managers using Mycoach will:

  • Engage their employees
  • Create a positive workplace
  • Maximise retention
  • Improve employee effectiveness
  • Create the ideal climate for success
  • Establish mutual trust
  • Align people skills with tasks and goals
  • Manage difficult employees
  • Manage stress and conflict
  • Motivate staff
  • Energise and build morale

Good management and relationship skills produce better performance, greater job satisfaction and higher motivation, making your job as manager more effective.


Mycoach - a resource for Coaches, Mentors and Trainers

Great coaches understand why people act and behave the way they do. They know their clients personality style. This leads to effective communication and goal setting.

Coaching everyone the same way is not a guarantee of success. People are different and respond differently to changes in their environment. Stress and conflict need to be managed differently according to behavioural style. Mycoach provides a coaching guide for each style to assist and enable you to deliver desired outcomes

Coaches using Mycoach will:

  • Motivate and inspire
  • Develop trust and respect
  • Understand people personalities
  • Realise maximum potential
  • Improve performance
  • Significantly improve communication
  • Energise and empower
  • Enhance personal effort and reward

If you are a life or business coach, manager or organisation looking to improve your effectiveness and communication, Mycoach is for you.

Welcome to Mycoach

"If you are a life or business
coach, training manager
or organisation looking to
improve your effectiveness
and communication,
Mycoach is for you."

- Nathan Chanesman
CEO Myprofile Pty Limited


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