Online assessments for careers and recruitment.

MyProfile Pty Ltd is Australia’s leading producer of online strengths-based assessments for careers, recruitment and training. The company’s mission is to help people
achieve happy and successful careers, and to assist companies identify and attract the best talent.

MyProfile assessments are used by thousands of Recruiters, Employers, HR Managers, Job Services Providers, Online Course Providers, School, Colleges and Universities.
For over 10 years, MyProfile has earned the reputation as an industry leader in online assessments with over one million people taking a MyProfile assessment.

The quality of our research and development, the rigor of our testing, and our unique ‘can do’ attitude to our clients needs – this is how we are distinctive.

Here’s how we ‘make happy careers’ ...
  • We are specialists in matching talent with jobs and achieve this through our job matching site
  • Our student careers website  is used by nearly two thousand schools, universities and online course providers for students to match their
    strengths and talents with careers that best suit.
  •  We help library patrons discover their perfect career at 
  • We help job seekers write a winning resume at 
  • We help corporate clients develop excellent sales training programs at

MyProfile Online Assessment Centre is an experienced creator of web-based Private Label Sites and Assessments that feature your organisation’s name and logo using
our sophisticated software. Click here to find out more

We just happen to be very good at what we do. You’ll love what we can do for you.

To discuss how we can help you, please contact Nathan Chanesman
on +61 2 9332 4288 direct, or email

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