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Purchasing Report Coupons

Coupon is the term we use to identify a pre-paid access code  that is used to complete
the Myprofile Assessment.

Access codes (Coupons) are sent by email together with instructions and a Tax Invoice/Receipt.
Coupons do not have an expiry date and are each valid for one report only.

  1   9   coupons   $50.00 ea
10 24 coupons   $36.50 ea
25 or more coupons   $28.50 ea
  • All transactions are in Australian dollars and for Australian businesses, includes GST.
  • Non Australian currencies will be converted to Australian Dollars by your bank at their
    prevailing rates, at the time of the transaction.


Credit Card Details:

Cardholder's Name:

Card Number: (we accept VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX)

Expiry: (month / year)

Card CVN: (last 3 or 4 digits on back of card)

Promotional Code: (only if you were given one)

Coupon Details:

How Many: (enter quantity required)

Email address: (coupons will be sent here, will also become your username)

Organisation: (optional, if you would like on your invoice)

Password: (used to check your coupon status online)

Name and Address: (Only required if you would like the invoice/receipt to include your name and address.)

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