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Are you serious about achieving
greater sales success?

Would you like to …

Generate more REVENUE?
Improve your PROSPECTING?
Increase your CLOSING RATIOS?
Build TRUSTED RELATIONSHIPS with your customers?

The best sales people achieve great outcomes while building strong relationships with their customers.

Now YOU can achieve extraordinary sales growth and exceptional success with My Sales Success online assessment, a great new tool that will give you a distinct competitive advantage in any sales situation.

This exceptional product is designed for all Salespeople, Sales Managers, Business Entrepreneurs, Call Centre Managers, Customer Service personnel, Insurance, Car and Real Estate Agents – in fact anyone who has contact with customers or prospects.

The outcomes of using My Sales Success

  • Significantly increase sales and profits
  • Improve relationship selling skills
  • Successfully evaluate and select new salespeople
  • Understand your customers and build new relationships with them
  • Develop closing propositions tailored to suit each customer
  • Coach sales teams and individuals for maximum results
  • Reward according to individual motivators

Build dynamic sales teams with Myprofile’s newest assessment and training tool, My Sales Success. To view a Sales Success report, click here

Does your sales job fit your style?

My Sales Success quickly identifies your behavioural traits and guides you on how to improve your sales success. It also tells you which sales jobs match your selling style. It explains how you can improve your sales results by understanding the different ways customers like to buy.

This knowledge will put you in sync with your customers and you will learn how to think like them so that the message you deliver is exactly what they want to hear to make a buying decision.

Apply winning techniques

If you want to become one of the top sales achievers in your industry or if you’re building a dynamic sales team, My Sales Success will guide you and your team to new heights and customer satisfaction.

Used for sales development in all spheres of selling, My Sales Success can be used to discover and develop the sales styles of your sales team or candidates applying for sales position.

So whether you’re IN a sales position, or about to ENTER a sales job, you’ll be armed with valuable information about how to succeed in your chosen field.

At last! A simple sales technique that gets results!

No more secrets! We show you how to excel in sales.
You’ll uncover your true selling style and be amazed at the power this new online sales assessment gives you. Make this the turning point in your career.

If you would like to speak to us about how My Sales Success can help you or your sales team, contact us.

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How much do you know about yourself as a
sales person?
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