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Thank you for visiting Myprofile.

Choosing a career or looking for the right job, Myprofile will help you with your decision.

We are helping hundreds of people each day choose a career that best matches their behavioural style. The closer your personality style matches the job, the more successful and less stressful you will be.

Donít be in a job you dislike or feel uncomfortable with. Take the Myprofile assessment and within a few minutes you receive a concise, accurate and valuable report that can determine your future career path - well worth the small investment.  Click here

To find out which Profile type is most suited to a Career, click on Career links. Careers can have more than one compatible Profile. A complete Career Guide is included in the MYPROFILE Report. 

Academic Financial Manager Public Relations
Account Manager Financial Planning Public Relations - Administration
Accountant Financial Researcher Publican
Accounting - General Financial Sales Publishing
Accounts Supervisor Financial Services Purchasing
Actors Financial Services Manager Quality Controller
Actuaries Financial Specialist Radio Announcer
Administration Flight Attendant Real Estate Agent
Administration Manager Florist/Floral Designer Receptionist
Administrator Fund Management Recruitment Consultant
Advertising Government Worker Research and Development
Advisers Graphic Designer Research and Development Supervisor
Analyst Health Care Research Director
Architect Hospital Supervisor Research Engineer
Armed Forces Hospitality Research Manager
Artist Hospitality Administration Research Planning
Banking Hospitality Manager Researcher
Barrister Hotelier Retail - General
Beauty Therapist Human Resources Retail - Specialist
Bookkeeper Industrial Marketing Retail Manager
Broadcasting Industrial Relations Safety Officer
Brokers Insurance Sales - Selling Services
Business Consultant Inventing Sales - Capital Equipment
Business Management Investment Banking Sales - Financial Services
Call Centre Manager IT Sales - General
Cashier IT Management Sales - Soft Selling
Charitable Organizations Journalist Sales - Specialist
Chef Laboratory Technician Sales - Technical
Chemist Landscape Gardener Sales and Marketing
Chemist Research Lawyer Sales Engineer
Chemist Technician Lecturer Sales Executive
Chief Accountant Legal Sales Management
Chief Engineer Librarian Sales Manager
Chief Financial Officer Logistic Support Sales Representative
Child Care Logistics Scientific Work
Coach Management Secretarial
Commercial Planner Management Information Systems Security Manager
Community Counselling Manager - General Security Specialist
Community Work Manager Sales and Marketing Self Employed
Company Secretary Market Analyst Service - General
Complaints Manager Market Dealer Service Engineer
Computer Analyst Marketing Service Manager
Computer Engineer Marketing Services Share Broker
Computer Hardware Sales Medical Administrator Singers
Computer Programmer Medical Specialist Social Work
Computer Software Sales Mentor - Coach Software Sales
Computer Specialist Mortgage and Finance Sales Solicitor
Conference Organiser Mortgage Brokers Statistician
Conflict Resolution Motivators Strategic Planning
Consultant Negotiator Student Services
Counselling Nurse Supervisor
Creative Designer Nursing - Administration Surgeon
Credit Controller Office Administrator Surveyor
Credit Manager Office Management Systems Analyst
Customer Service Optician Teacher
Dancers Painter Teacher - Administration
Data Entry Personal Assistant Team Leader
Database Administrator Personnel - HR Technical Engineer
Demonstrator Personnel Administration Technical Instructor
Dental Technician Personnel Management Technical Management
Dentist Personnel Manager Technical Research
Design Engineer Personnel Services Technical Sales
Designer Photographer Technical Sales and Service
Development Engineer Physiotherapist Technical Service Support
Director Planner Technical Supervisor
Distribution - General Planning Manager Technical Writing
Distribution Manager Plumber Technician
Doctor Politician Technologists
Draughtsman Printer Telemarketing
Electrician Prison Officer Theatrical Agent
Engineer Private Investigator Therapist
Engineer Installation Production Tour Guide
Engineer Supervisor Production Administrator Trainer
Engineer Technical Production Controller Transport Personnel
Engineering - General Production Director Transport Supervisor
Engineering Designers Production Manager Transportation
Engineering Manager Production Planning Travel Agent
Engineering Sales Production Service and Design TV Presenter
Engineering Supervisor Production Supervisor Veterinarian
Environmentalist Project Engineer Vocational Education
Exhibiting Project Management Warehouse Manager
Film Director Project Manager Welfare
Film Producer Promotional Work Word Processing
Finance Property Manager
Financial Advisor Psychologist

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